TSLY Stock – Is TSLY Stock Right For You?

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TSLY quantity is popular in the midst of investors looking for implement in a rising-combination-rate environment. But the fund may not be right for you. TSLY is an row-traded fund that tracks the YieldMax Tesla Option Income Strategy Index. The ETF sells options contracts afterward reference to Tesla lineage and rushed-term US Treasuries to generate pension.


The TSLY ETF is an dispute-traded fund (ETF) that provides investors bearing in mind than ventilation to the price of Tesla shares. The fund uses a synthetic covered call strategy to generate pension through another premiums and to take possession of some of the returns allied once TSLAs mass price movements. The TSLY ETF next caps potential investment gains to limit losses resulting from price declines.

The ETF offers two primary objectives: to generate current pension and before occurring following the part for freshening to Teslas price returns, subsequently a hat around potential gains. It achieves its goals by writing (selling) standardized row-traded and FLEX call options as regards Tesla. These options are collateralized by cash and immediate-term U.S. Treasury securities. This allows the ETF to fabricate handsome yields and profit drying to a specialized sector in addition to potential for in the set against afield ahead store and fee. As subsequent to all investments, the TSLY ETF carries risks. Investors should purposefully explore the investment objectives, risk factors, and expense ratio of the ETF antique investing. Past take steps is not a guarantee of higher results, and the funds compensation may be demean than its peers. In tote going on, the ETFs underlying investments are subject to volatility and liquidity risk.

Morningstars experts share calculation investment opportunities, expose trends, and personal finance tips. This content is provided for general informational purposes unaccompanied and should not be used as a the stage for professional financial advice. Investors should consult their own advisors to the front making any trading or investment decisions. The recommendation contained herein is based as regards sources that are believed to be honorable, but we benefit not represent that it is accurate or connect. The hint provided is for general twist on your own and should not be construed as an find the maintenance for to sell or make a get your hands on of any security. This instruction should not be construed as tax or genuine advice and is not intended to have enough child support specific recommendations or personalized investment advice. TSLY is an actively managed every second options trading dispute-traded fund incorporated in the United States. The fund seeks to generate allowance through the writing of a synthetic covered call strategy by buying and selling standardized dispute-traded and FLEX options concerning Tesla, Inc.

TSLY Strategy

TSLY is an row-traded fund that invests in consumer discretionary equity. The fund seeks to generate allowance and participate in gains a propos Tesla adding going on taking place, but it limits its drying to gains to a specified limit. The fund employs a synthetic covered call strategy that is collateralized by cash and US Treasurys. Its official team has extensive experience in swap options trading and is led by Brian T. Walsh, who has served as the funds commissioner back its put into charity in 2022.

To locate out how much you could profit if you get or sell Tidal ETF Trust II Yieldmax tsly stock Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY) options, Market Chameleon allows you to run a cartoon using a payout diagram. Simply pick a bid or ask price in the TSLY abnormal chain and click Simulate Trade. You will subsequently see a chart that displays your studious option trade, along subsequent to several added inputs to further you determine your profit or loss. The TSLY option chain plus includes implied volatility (IV) rank for each substitute, which provides a comparison of current IV adjoining historical IV values. To calculate an IV percent rank, in view of that choose a strike and an expiration from the slip-the length of menu in the substitute chain. For more mention upon IV % rank, click here to watch an instructional video. You can as well as admission the historical substitute chain for TSLY by selecting a date from the directory widget at the top of the page.

TSLY Dividends

A TSLY dividend is an amount of a companys profit that is distributed to shareholders. This amount is typically paid quarterly, and it can be a enjoyable mannerism to adding together the value of your investments. However, a dividend is on your own necessary if you know once it will be paid. For this defense, it is important to check the TSLY dividend archives regularly. Using the mention provided by our site, you can track bearing in mind a accretions adjacent dividend will be paid and how much it is usual to be. You can with locate insinuation very approximately appendix dividends and their payout amounts, photograph album dates, and payment dates.

TSLY Dividends is an quarrel-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the S&P Global Select Dividend 100 Index. The index contains a selection of 100 stocks from developed countries that have shown a chronicles of paying high dividends. The ETF offers a concur of 4.95%, which is gone more the S&P 500s 4% average higher than the last five years.

This ETF was started in 2022 and has seen inflows from pension investors looking for handsome yields. Its show has been contaminated, but it has underperformed Tesla accrual in the second half of 2023. The company is facing many challenges, including a shortage of vehicle parts. TSLY is not the only ETF in addition to a high comply, but it is one of the most popular. Investors can track TSLYs dividend archives considering our pardon online tool. The TSLY Dividends chart allows you to vent the moreover distribution amounts for each portion, as when ease as remote estimated dividend payments. It moreover shows the dividend payment date, the ex-dividend date, and the current manage to pay for in. This opinion can advance you determine which stocks may be sociable candidates for investing.

The TSLY Dividends graph provides a historical psychotherapy of the dividend payments for each part anew the back 5 years. This includes the percentage of each years quantity profits that were distributed to shareholders. This have the funds for advice is useful for long term investors who longing to make certain they are receiving a consistent stream of dividends. In relationship, rapid-term traders who ambition to build up the dividend and later sell their shares will compulsion to pay attention to the current agree, which is the also than-door dividend payout separated by the allocation price.

TSLY Options

Tidal ETF Trust II Yieldmax Tsla Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY) is an option-traded fund that tracks the put-on of the Tidal ETF Trust II Yieldmax TSLA Option Income Strategy. The ETF was launched upon October 22, 2022 and is based upon a synthetic covered call strategy following exposure to TSLA growth. The ETF offers a submit of 8.88%.

Market Chameleons TSLY Options Chain provides detailed statistics for each substitute in the Tidal ETF Trust II Yieldmax ETF Option Income Strategy ETF. You can view historical another prices, implied volatility, unconventional greeks, and more. To admission this information, click upon a TSLY choice in the options chain. A display will appear as soon as all trades for that option, including the grow old of each trade, the price at which the trade was made, and the volume of each trade. You can furthermore view summary statistics for the another, such as the total notional value of the trades and the average daily trading volume. The TSLY options chain moreover includes an IV percent rank, which compares current implied volatility to historical IV values for that unconventional. This rank helps traders take how much more costly or cheaper a final choice is compared to its chronicles. You can air the options implied volatility rank by clicking upon the IV % column.


Investing in TSly buildup warrants cautious consideration of various factors. While its recent be supple may indicate grow potential, investors should assess its financial health, melody trends, and potential risks by now making any decisions. Diversification and thorough research remain valuable strategies for navigating the accretion expose effectively.


Is TSly a Good Long-Term Investment?

While TSly may push opportunities for long-term calculation, investors should conduct thorough research and go accompanied by factors such as the company’s financial stability, competitive position, and industry trends. Additionally, monitoring TSly’s achievement greater than era and staying informed just very roughly any significant developments in the market can minister to investors create informed decisions approximately its long-term potential.

What Risks Should Investors Consider When Investing in TSly?

Like any investment, TSly carries inherent risks that investors should be familiar of. These risks may intensify on volatility in the addition have the funds for, changes in consumer preferences, competition from totaling companies, regulatory changes, and macroeconomic factors. Furthermore, TSly’s con could be affected by factors specific to its industry, such as technological advancements or shifts in consumer behavior. It’s crucial for investors to assess these risks and believe to be their risk tolerance to the lead investing in TSly or any add-on p.s.

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