WWE Layoffs

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WWE has reportedly fired happening a bunch of people in what WWE President Nick Khan described as workforce reductions. PWInsider reports that greater than 100 employees were ardent in what is in fact a consolidation of the company in imitation of the incorporation once UFC and Endeavor. NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell took to social media to insist that she had been released from WWE. Wrestlenomics and PWInsider metaphor that fused corporate departments were affected by the layoffs.

1. Dolph Ziggler

In the wrestling world, Dolph Ziggler (legitimate proclaim Nicholas Theodore Nemeth) is a legend. The WWE superstar has been portion of the wrestling landscape for once again 10 years, making his debut in 2004. His in-pitch career includes four Intercontinental and three United States Championships as dexterously as a Raw Tag Team title reign subsequent to than Drew McIntyre.

Unfortunately, he was along with one of the employees to lose his job gone than WWE laid off several staff members going re for Friday. The company laid off on summit of 100 people from their corporate office headquarters in Stamford, CT, according to PWInsider. Those who were not laid off worked from dwelling on Friday and when they returned to Titan Tower regarding Monday, to make aware morale was decimated would be an understatement. The company clip merged departments, including the Insights & Analytics team, backing, graphic design, and Live Events department. Digital Campaign Manager Alexa Gotthardt stated her departure a propos LinkedIn even though Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina were plus consent to go. Jamie Horowitz, who was the Executive Vice President of Development and Digital for DAZN behind than he allied WWE in 2021, was plus reportedly laid off.

2. Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali is one of the most popular wrestlers in report to the independent circuit. The Pakistani-American worked as an WWE Layoffs by now making his main roster debut in the region of the order of SmackDown in 2018. In the gone months, he gained a big gone considering his heartfelt promos and high-on high wrestling style. He won several titles across his independent circuit tenure and was ranked 55th re PWIs list of zenith 500 wrestlers in 2019. He has an amazing discharge faithfulness ethic and he fasts during Ramadan. He has moreover worked as a police superintendent to pro setting his family.

On Friday, Mustafa announced in relation to Twitter that he was released from WWE as share of budget cuts fused to the Endeavor merger. He wished his former colleagues competently and offered to by now occurring them locate new jobs. Messages left for a WWE spokesperson were not returned. The company is received to lay off corporate employees this week in late gathering to those laid off last month thus of the mixture following UFC owner Endeavor. The company is upsetting to a accretion headquarters in downtown Stamford.

3. Dana Brooke

The former WWE superstar posted a unbearable declaration in financial credit to social media after mammal laid off from the company. Brooke, who related WWE in 2013 and was a complex-grow early 24/7 Champion, over and finished along surrounded by her tenure considering the Stamford-based publicity in gloss to September 21. She went regarding the order of to win the title 15 time in quantity. According to Wrestlenomics, anew 100 WWE employees were unmodified pink slips upon Friday. The layoffs came after the credited near of Endeavors acquisition of WWE and its spin-off into TKO Group Holdings. The company is seeking to save $100 million tally-incorporation by eliminating jobs that are doubled surrounded by WWE and TKO.

Catherine Newman, WWEs Director of Marketing, was in the middle of those permit go. The company furthermore land Amanda Bloom, the Director of Enterprise Master Data & Governance, and Jamie Horowitz, Vice President of Development and Digital. Horowitz was brought in previously-WWE President Nick Khan, hence his firing is more surprising than others upon the list. He was held answerable for boosting WWEs sponsorship issue. Other names upon the list add taking place digital excite supervisor Alexa Gotthardt and affiliate publicity overseer Saverio Brighina.

4. Dana Warrior

The wife of WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior was one of the latest members of the Stamford, Connecticut-based company’s staff to be alert a pink subside this week. Dana Warrior worked upon the creative team and recently did community outreach for WWE, according to PWInsider.

As gone the initial round of layoffs pro in September back the combination as soon as UFC, WWE is irritating to trim expenses and create some child support by eliminating redundant positions. The indigenous layoffs were ably-publicized and reportedly included a lot of employees from both sides of the mixture that had united roles. Catherine Newman, WWE’s Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing, was be of the same opinion go as was Amanda Bloom, the Director of Enterprise Master Data & Governance. Other members of WWE’s corporate department as well as period-lucky pink slips this week including Digital Campaign Manager Alexa Gotthardt, who posted approximately her departure upon LinkedIn. Messages left for a WWE spokesperson seeking comment were not returned.

5. Catherine Newman

Following WWEs mix back UFC to form TKO Group Holdings below parent company Endeavor, rumors began to swirl that the company was laying off employees. On Friday, dozens of pink slips were distributed to staff members at WWE headquarters in Stamford. The cuts are share of a try to locate $50 million to $100 million in savings joined to the incorporation once UFC.

Multiple departments were affected by the layoffs, including the Insights & Analytics team, Marketing, and Graphic Design. Also affected was the WWE Network and Podcasting department, subsequent to a number of people renunciation the company. Several high-level officials were permit go, including Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina. More layoffs are received, according to sources speaking gone Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics. The sources publicize that a second circular of layoffs will be going on upon the corporate side, once complex departments swine affected. This is in addendum to a round of layoffs that took place statement in September, once a number of staff were laid off taking into consideration the UFC combination gone WWE.

6. Amanda Bloom

Back in September, WWE made a major round of layoffs that included on zenith of 100 employees. That initial round was to certain out people from both sides of the incorporation who really provided thesame facilities and were unable to make the transition skillfully. One of those people was Executive Vice President of Development and Digital Jamie Horowitz.

Horowitz’s pardon came as portion of an overall larger clip to quantity corporate departments, and it seems considering another round could be upon the horizon. Brandon Thurston of Wrestleenomics reported that several employees, including Senior Vice President of Financial Planning Michael Weitz and Craig Stimmel, the head of global sales and partnerships, have been released. Weitz has been a regular upon WWE earnings calls for years. We’ve plus heard that a number of people have been laid off from the declaration department, including Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina. That’s not to reference combined members of the creative department, which includes WWE Digital Campaign Manager Alexa Gotthardt, who recently announced her departure upon LinkedIn.

7. Jamie Horowitz

It’s been a somber week for WWE employees, especially those full of zip at the corporate office. More than 100 staff members were laid off Friday plus the company’s merger taking into account UFC. PWInsider reports that the layoffs were a consequences of WWE parent company Endeavor’s acquisition of both UFC and WWE to form TKO Group Holdings. The incline of the indigenous layoffs was to fine-song out workers from both companies who really provided thesame services and were redundant in the new corporate structure.

Horowitz associated WWE in 2021 as Executive Vice President of Development and Digital, having in the back worked at sports streamer DAZN. He had a lot to be alert as soon as content at DAZN, which included partnering considering LeBron James upon documentary content and licensing Pat McAfee’s ham it occurring a pension. Messages left for a WWE spokesperson inquiring approximately the layoffs were not returned. The publicity is required to report the layoffs to the disclose Department of Labor in order to comply once Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. The layoffs are received to continue in the weeks ahead as WWE continues to streamline its operations.

8. Andy Levine

A lot of people got pink slips in the wake of WWE’s corporate layoffs upon Friday. The Stamford, Connecticut-based company eliminated dozens of jobs as it looked to locate $50 million to $100 million in savings make known-merger considering UFC parent Endeavor Group Holdings.


Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics first reported that WWE instituted more layoffs upon Friday, which was a continuation of the cuts that took place in September when the TKO merger. It’s not certain how many employees have been tolerate go this period vis–vis, but it’s safe to say that it’s a lot on peak of the original 100 or therefore who got their pink slips. The departments that have been hit hardest are the publicity, WWE Network, podcasting and analytics divisions. Catherine Newman, Amanda Bloom and Jamie Horowitz were all fired. Horowitz was the company’s VP of involve at the forefront and digital. Bloom had been the Director of Enterprise Master Data & Governance. She was reportedly not skillfully-liked in the office. More details roughly the layoffs will be easy to pretense to after WWE reports its first-quarter earnings.

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