CSGO: What are the Achievements?

by James William
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Check out the many CS2 accounts for sale at U7BUY. In CSGO, there are plenty of game modes for any player to enjoy. However, there are also many players who seek a greater challenge in becoming a completionist for the game. There are a total of 147 achievements available to complete in CSGO with their own categories to delve into.

In total, there are seven categories of achievements in CSGO and are the same from CSGO Source. Some of these categories can include the amount of certain kills you have, or performing very specific tasks. Whenever an achievement is completed, you will be notified by a certain sound and a pop-up.

The first category of achievements are the Bomb Defusal ones. These involve the Bomb Defusal game mode in some way or another. Some of these achievements include very specific tasks such as being able to win a round by picking up the bomb from a fallen comrade and successfully planting it. Others are much more grinding such as having planted 100 bombs in total.

The next category is for the game mode Hostage Rescue. This category is much smaller compared to the one for Bomb Defusal, but they arguably can take much longer to complete. Two achievements for example require the player to have rescued 100 and 400 hostages in total. Meanwhile, other achievements have a bit more difficulty rather than grind such as rescuing all hostages in a single round.

The third category is very large, titled Kill. This category of achievements is pretty self explanatory. Some of these tasks are quite simple, and can realistically be completed through a normal playthrough such as winning a knife fight. While some of these are simple, others are much more challenging with having to get at least one kill with every single weapon in the game.

Speaking of weapons, the next category is the Weapon category. Most if not all of the tasks for these achievements involve either collecting and owning a specific weapon, or is a grind of how many kills you get with a certain weapon. A lot of said grind tasks include having 200 to 500 kills, making them very time consuming, yet impressive.

The Special category of achievements is also self explanatory, as these include special tasks with their own niche of challenge. Some of these tasks can be especially difficult if you are not playing with your friends with voice chat on, as tasks such as being able to kill all enemy opponents in a single round is based on luck otherwise.

Finally, the Map category contains tasks that are pretty much all the same. Each achievement involves winning 100 rounds in a certain map. After that are the Miscellaneous achievements, which include small tasks such as collecting three gifts from opponents. Overall, CSGO contains a healthy mix of fun challenge and proof of long play in its achievements to make it worth while. Check the amazing deals for Counter Strike 2 at U7BUY.


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