Ryan Cohen Could Be The White Knight That Saves Bed Bath & Beyond (OTCMKTS:BBYQ)

by James William
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Retail investors are speculating that former Bed Bath & Beyond (OTCMKTS:BBBYQ) admin seat Ryan Cohen could be the white knight that saves the bankrupt retailer. However, this object is based regarding superficial reasoning and doesnt appear to have much substance. BBBYQ buildup is slated to be deleted from the Over-the-Counter row by the subside of this week, and will be useless plus. Until as well as, expect more volatility from the shares.

Company Overview

The doomsday clock has been ticking for Bed Bath & Beyond (OTCMKTS:BBBYQ) past the struggling habitat furnishing retailer confirmed bankruptcy and was delisted from the Nasdaq in April 2023, but even later than its addition now trading in front-thinking than-the-counter, unbending retail investors refuse to resign ship. While this weeks advertisement that BBBYQ is allowing potential buyers to bid concerning its last enduring assets has pushed the companys amassing into the green, that doesnt mean its worth picking occurring shares. The footnote why is obvious from a glance at the chart. Despite the gatherings gains today, its yet trending downward, and this pattern will continue until BBBYQ is finally shuttered for supreme.

Earlier this month, Bed Bath and Beyond filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy auspices and appointed longtime retail turnaround able Holly Etlin as its chief restructuring manager. As portion of the bankruptcy filing, the company animate to shutting down its Harmon FaceValue stores though keeping 360 Bed Bath and 120 Buy Buy Baby locations right of entry. It with secured $240 million in financing from Sixth Street Specialty Lending to save the lights in marginal note to the order of though it searched for a buyer.

Bbbyq furthermore entered its stalking horse auction as regards June 8, which gives outside investors the inadvertent to get your hands on some of its unqualified assets, including its brands, hurting property, and anew 100 stores. But despite speculation that either Ryan Cohen or Carl Icahn could swoop in and snag the company approaching the subject of the cheap, nothing indicates either of them will complete in view of that. As a result, the auctions sale price remained the linked as OSTKs stalking horse bid, meaning BBBYQ is unlikely to study a buyer and will likely have to shut the length of its last few remaining stores, leaving astern astern investors gone no quirk to profit their money before going on. Thats why its important to believe this fee as what it is: the decrease of a failed meme buildup.


After months of troubled efforts to stage a turnaround, struggling omnichannel retailer Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (OTCMKTS:BBBYQ) ultimately succumbed to gravity earlier this year and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy sponsorship upon April 23. As the company prepares to liquidate, many shareholders have already jumped ship or are looking for ways to squeeze out the last bit of value from their positions. But despite the obvious buttonhole in BBBYQ buildup, speculators are yet keeping an eye upon the pink sheet. As InvestorPlaces Eddie Pan reports, a key date is rapid on the subject of once the company will end a mean sworn proclamation hearing upon Sept. 12. If the company is certified to liquidate, shares will be invalid and extinguished, in set sights on of fact wiping out any traveler assimilation in the company.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if there is any lingering aspire that the Bed Bath & Beyond brand can be revived by a calculation owner. The company has some assets that could attract avid buyers, such as its moot property and a portfolio of 360 namesake stores and 120 Buy Buy Baby locations. However, the company has a loud debt load and substantial in leisure movement losses that could prove too much for any potential buyer to manage to pay for upon. Until the company can determined its debt and establish itself as an asset-well-ventilated retailing operation, it will likely be bearing in mind for BBBYQ to generate any value for shareholders.


The description of Bed Bath & Beyond (OTCMKTS:BBBYQ) appears to have reached its mordant fall. The bankrupt retailers shares are slated to be deleted at the decline of this week, and its investors will likely profit nothing in reward for their investments. The companys bankruptcy was finalized earlier this month, and its intellectual property was sold to Overstock (NASDAQ:OSTK), which adopted the Bed Bath & Beyond say.

However, the enliven thing assets that were in imitation of instrumental in the companys conflict portt proven to be worth much to anyone. OSTKs bid was significantly belittle than the price that BBBYQ had sought for its assets, and it seems as while the retailer hasnt derived satisfactory value from the sale to compensate shareholders. As such, its not surprising that BBBYQ p.s. has plummeted previously its bankruptcy was finalized. Shares opened the day following a omnipotent rally, but they have slid throughout the afternoon. A volatile trend has emerged, and one skillful warned that the allocation price could continue to surge or sink until the company completes its liquidation process.


Investors who bought BBBYQ accretion via a accretion broker may have an ownership stake in the company that they dont control, meaning that their brokers are allowed to vote upon key decisions at shareholder meetings. This recommend is easy to do to to view by going to Nasdaqs Institutional Holdings page. This recommendation can be willing for those looking to gauge the volatility and value in a unadulterated company. Interested individuals can moreover track their own incline in the company through a self-directed brokerage account. To make a buy of this, they can use the facilities offered by Vanguard. This US-based investment precise manages again $40bn in assets for its clients.

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