Rajkotupdates.News : Akash Chopra Says Shreyas Iyer Could Be A Captain For KKR Or Rcb

by Mostafijur Rahaman
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The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been a breeding ground for young talent and has given rise to several promising cricketers over the years. One such player who has caught the attention of experts and cricket enthusiasts alike is Shreyas Iyer. The 26-year-old batsman from Delhi Capitals has showcased exceptional leadership skills during his tenure as captain, prompting cricket commentator Akash Chopra to suggest that Iyer could be a potential captaincy candidate for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) or Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). In this article, we delve into the reasons behind Chopra’s statement and explore Iyer’s suitability for leading either of these franchises.


Shreyas Iyer’s Leadership Skills:

Shreyas Iyer’s rise in Indian cricket has been remarkable. Having captained the Delhi Capitals since 2018, Iyer has displayed exceptional leadership skills, leading his team to new heights in the IPL. Under his captaincy, the Delhi Capitals reached the playoffs in consecutive seasons, finishing as runners-up in the 2020 edition. Iyer’s ability to make crucial decisions under pressure and effectively communicate with his teammates has been commendable.

The Need For Captains At KKR And RCB:

Both KKR and RCB have had their fair share of captaincy struggles in the IPL. While KKR has witnessed inconsistent performances under the leadership of Dinesh Karthik and Eoin Morgan, RCB has struggled to find a captain who can lead the team to IPL glory. The addition of Shreyas Iyer could prove to be a turning point for either franchise, bringing stability and a fresh approach to their leadership positions.

Iyer’s Batting Prowess:

Apart from his leadership skills, Shreyas Iyer has also established himself as a dependable batsman in the IPL. Known for his elegant strokeplay and ability to anchor the innings, Iyer has consistently scored runs for the Delhi Capitals. His knack for building partnerships and finishing games under pressure adds another dimension to his captaincy credentials.

The Role Of A Captain in IPL:

The captain’s role in the IPL extends beyond just on-field decision-making. A captain is responsible for creating a positive team environment, nurturing young talent, and motivating players during challenging situations. Shreyas Iyer has proven himself in all these aspects. His calm and composed demeanor, combined with his ability to inspire his teammates, make him an ideal candidate for the captaincy role.

Potential Fit At KKR:

KKR has a strong squad with a blend of experienced players and young talents. However, they have struggled to find stability in their captaincy position. Shreyas Iyer’s leadership skills and ability to guide a team could be a perfect match for KKR. His presence at the helm could bring the much-needed stability and help KKR maximize the potential of their talented roster.

Potential Fit At RCB:

RCB, led by Virat Kohli, has reached the playoffs on multiple occasions but has failed to clinch the IPL title. With Kohli’s future as captain uncertain, Shreyas Iyer could be an excellent replacement. Iyer’s calm and composed approach, combined with his tactical acumen, could provide RCB with the right balance and take them a step closer to IPL glory.


Shreyas Iyer’s exceptional leadership skills and consistent performances in the IPL have made him a standout candidate for captaincy at KKR or RCB, according to Akash Chopra. With his ability to make crucial decisions under pressure, lead by example with the bat, and foster a positive team environment, Iyer has all the qualities of a successful IPL captain. Whether he dons the captain’s hat for KKR or RCB, his presence is likely to make a significant impact on the team’s performance and bring them closer to the coveted IPL title.


  1. Has Shreyas Iyer captained any other team apart from Delhi Capitals?

No, Shreyas Iyer has captained only the Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League. He took over the captaincy role in 2018 and has been leading the team since then.

  1. What are the other potential captaincy candidates for KKR and RCB?

Apart from Shreyas Iyer, several other players could be potential captaincy candidates for KKR and RCB. For KKR, Eoin Morgan and Dinesh Karthik have previously held the captaincy, and both have experience in leading teams. For RCB, apart from Shreyas Iyer, AB de Villiers could be a strong candidate given his leadership experience and stature in the cricketing world. However, the final decision on captaincy rests with the respective franchises’ management, considering various factors such as form, experience, and team dynamics.

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