Parler – A Social Networking Service For Conservatives

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Parler is a social networking service that focuses on users who oppose the policies of mainstream social networks. It has been described as an alternative to Twitter by journalists. It is also used by people who have been banned from mainstream social networks.


Parler is a social networking website. It is one of many sites that claim to be an alternative to Facebook. However, it has been accused of being a haven for right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists.

The platform has also been accused of using its power to censor left-wing users. In the wake of the election of President Trump, however, it has soared in popularity, and has become an important haven for people looking for a space to express their views without fear of censorship.

Parler claims to be a free speech site, but in practice, it only allows free speech to a select few. It allows the user to follow left-wing and right-wing accounts, but does not allow them to follow each other. That means you can follow someone who supports Donald Trump, but not the same person who believes in gay marriage.

The site was founded by Jared Thomson and John Matze. The two roommates were college students at the University of Denver, where they studied computer science. In 2016, they graduated with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, respectively. Their company was founded to fight against social censorship.

Moderation policies

Parler is a social networking platform that aims to promote free speech. However, the company has recently come under fire for its content moderation policies.

The app is designed to allow users to report other users, block other users, and make judgments about what they read on the site. It also claims to collect less data than other social media companies. In an effort to get back into Apple’s good graces, Parler changed its moderation policies.

The platform’s C-team announced on Monday that it had been hiring a new chief technology officer, Patrick Galbrith. According to a company statement, the CTO is a veteran of the Android app ecosystem. The team is in the midst of launching a new iPhone app with enhanced threat and incitement reporting tools.

According to the C-team, its new algorithm will detect a variety of content that is relevant to the Parler community. These include discriminatory or violent posts. Messages that incite violence will be routed for a manual review.


Parler is an online social platform that claims to be a free speech platform. It offers an alternative to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Besides being a place for users to post and share ideas, it also allows for a more conservative take on politics.

As the presidential campaign draws to an end, many conservatives are turning to fringe platforms to stay active. One of the most popular is Parler, which has gained traction among a variety of right-wing influencers and politicians.

However, while the social media site has been a hit, its future is uncertain. Its success will depend on how many new users it can attract. There are other platforms that have similar features, such as Gab and 8chan. But they don’t have all of the resources of larger companies. And they may have to rebuild from scratch.

The site is run by a team of conservatives, including Rebekah Mercer, a conservative donor who also invests in Breitbart News. She is the daughter of Robert Mercer, a conservative billionaire who is known for his investments in conservative causes.


Parler is an app that allows users to post photos and short messages. This app, which is named after the French word for to speak, has become a favorite among conservatives, who often complain about the moderation policies of mainstream social networks.

Although Parler is primarily geared towards right-wing individuals, it does have a user base of left-leaning individuals. These users come to argue with conservatives on the site. It is also a haven for far-right extremists.

Parler is owned by Robert Mercer, a billionaire who is also known for his investment in conservative causes and his daughter’s role as an investor in Cambridge Analytica. As a result, experts say that the company’s connection to the controversial data firm has led to “unsettling” conversations about user privacy and censorship.

In November, Parler experienced a tumultuous month. A number of people complained on Twitter that Parler had violated their freedom of speech. A few people even joined the platform to challenge President Trump. These users ended up being banned from the service.

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