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When sheriff Adam Bieber shared Misty Loman’s mug shots online, many people assumed that her unusual appearance was due to drug use. However, she was suffering from a combination of autoimmune diseases including scleroderma and bone cancer. These tragedies left her broken in body, mind and spirit. She took her recovery one day at a time and found comfort in God.

She Was Born In Bowling Green

Internet Viral Personality Misty Loman is a woman who has become famous on the internet because of her drug addiction. She has also been suffering from scleroderma, a condition that causes her skin to harden. In addition, she has bone cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. This is why she looks so gaunt in her mugshots. However, her story has earned her many supporters online. There are even Facebook pages dedicated to her struggle.

She was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and is an American citizen. She is married and has two children, Corey and Jacob. Her sons are very supportive of their mother and she is trying to get back on her feet. Her struggles with drugs and addiction have not gone unnoticed by the media and her local community. Her story has made her a symbol of addiction and the dangers of using meth. In fact, a sheriff named Adam Bieber posted her mugshots on social media as a warning to others.

Misty’s story is a tragic one. She has lost three children, including twins. One of them died in the womb and the other died less than a month after being born. Her husband is in jail on drugs charges, and she is battling health issues. Despite her troubles, she still manages to show up to court and attend family functions. She recently was arrested for failing to appear in court on a drug charge, but she claimed that the substance found in her purse was crushed Zofran, a medication used to prevent nausea caused by chemo.

She has been struggling with her addiction for years and is trying to get clean. She was once on a path to recovery, but her addiction relapsed. She has been in and out of jail, but she is determined to overcome her problems. She hopes that her story will inspire others to recover from drug abuse.

She Has Scleroderma

Misty Loman first gained fame when sheriff Adam Bieber posted her mugshots online in 2019 as part of his initiative to deter drug abuse. The pictures of Loman showed her deteriorating appearance, which people assumed was the result of drug abuse. She received criticism from many people, including her friends, but also a lot of sympathy from others. In addition, a go-fund-me campaign was launched to help her. In the days following the mugshots, Misty’s family members spoke out to explain her condition. They were concerned that her appearance would lead to a wrong perception about her life, especially since she has children. The family members explained that she had scleroderma, bone cancer, and lupus, all of which can be lethal when combined.

These illnesses are responsible for her deterioration, and they are much more severe than the drugs she used to take. Nevertheless, she is now on the road to recovery and has regained her health. Despite her struggle, she has two sons, Corey and Jacob, and they are very close to her.

Misty’s story is a great example of how addiction can be overcome with the help of friends and family. Moreover, it shows how important it is to be open about one’s drug use and not hide it from the public. Fortunately, Misty was able to recover from her drug problem and is now sober. She credits her older sons, Corey and Jacob, for pushing her to get help. They convinced her to undergo long term treatment at Sisters in Sobriety Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Her faith in God and the help of her community also helped her overcome her situation.

Misty Loman has not been very active in her personal life. She has not shared much about her relationship with her husband, Gary Glass Jr., or her children. She has two sons, Corey and Jacob, with whom she lives in Bowling Green. She has not spoken about her current relationship status, and it is unclear whether she is still married to him.

She Has Bone Cancer

Misty loman has been through a lot in her life. She has been a victim of multiple tragedies, including losing her children to illness and battling drug addiction. Thankfully, her family and friends were able to convince her to get help and she is now sober for over a year. She has also mended her relationships and is in a good place in her life. She is still dealing with a variety of sicknesses, but she is hopeful and finds peace in her faith. Misty Dawn Loman is a woman in her middle 40s from Bowling Green Kentucky who came into the spotlight after her mugshots went viral. The mugshots show her deteriorating appearance as she became addicted to meth. The mugshots were shared by a Wisconsin sheriff to warn others about the effects of drug abuse. The sheriff’s intention was to alert people about the dangers of meth use, but he failed to mention that the woman’s unusual appearance is due to several factors, including a rare bone disease and lupus.

Many people have criticized her for her mugshots, but others have stood up for her. One of her supporters is Lee Ann Colley Maples, who criticized news reports and the sheriff for posting the mugshots without proper research. Maples explained that the deterioration in Loman’s appearance is not just caused by drugs, but also by her autoimmune diseases and bone cancer.

Loman had a very hard time in her life, as she lost her home, car, and family to drugs. She was battling extreme stress and depression at the time, and her health worsened. She had been diagnosed with lupus and scleroderma, which causes her skin to harden. She was also undergoing chemotherapy for her bone cancer, which is what led to her dramatic weight loss and skeletal appearance. She has since been sober for over a year and is a devoted mother to her sons, Corey and Jacob. She is working hard to overcome her adversity and give back to her community. She has been a true inspiration to others who are struggling with drug addiction and illness.

She Has A Drug Addiction

Misty Loman’s mugshots went viral after she was arrested by a sheriff in Wisconsin. She was convicted of methamphetamine use and the images of her appearance shocked the public. Initially, people thought that her drug addiction caused her to look this way, but later it was revealed that there was more to her story than just drugs. She had a severe health condition called lupus panniculitis, bone cancer, and scleroderma that accelerated the deterioration of her body. She also suffered from extreme stress and lost three sons in infancy.

Many of her friends and well-wishers supported her and urged her to take treatment for her illness. They also encouraged her to share her story with the world. They believe that sharing her story will help other people to avoid the same mistakes that she did. However, some people criticized her for sharing the photos online. During her incarceration, she was treated for several ailments. These included lupus, which attacked her skin, and scleroderma, which affected the adipose tissues in her body, making her emaciated. She was also suffering from severe pain, which made her very depressed. As a result, she started taking drugs to escape from her problems.

In the end, her elder sons begged her to seek help, and she was admitted for long-term treatment at Sisters in Sobriety. As a result, she regained her sanity and began to live a normal life. She now lives with her dog and has a positive outlook on life.


She now spends most of her time in prayer and hopes that she can inspire other people. She also believes that prayers really do work and says that her mugshot progression is proof of it. In her interview, she also said that it is a shame that she was judged by the media and others without knowing her true story. Nevertheless, she is grateful to those who stood by her and encourages them to share their stories too. She wants to remind everyone that it is important not to make assumptions and that there are a lot of misunderstandings in the world.

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