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Telenor is the leading 4G facilities provider in Pakistan. It offers responsive internet bundles through the My Telenor App and concentrate on dialing. Telenor WhatsApp packages are mostly estranged in the region of the order of a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
We have covered some of the best Telenor WhatsApp packages which are low cost and the best value for our readers. We save sharing Urdu news, entertainment, and recommendation. Keep coming for the latest updates.
Telenor WhatsApp Packages / Offers 2023
Telenor WhatsApp Package MonthlyYou can realize video & voice calls, download videos, upload status, memes, and send voice remarks taking into account Telenor WhatsApp monthly package.
This monthly package includes:
Video & voice calls

Video sharing and downloading
Picture sharing
Text & voice messages
Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Price
Telenor WhatsApp package monthly price is 5 Rupees including the taxes.
Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Code
Telenor WhatsApp package monthly code is *247#.

MBs:Telenor WhatsApp package monthly includes 1500 MBs of internet.
The validity of Telenor monthly WhatsApp package is 30 days from the date of subscription.Also Read: Zong WhatsApp Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly 2023
Telenor Monthly Social Pack Offer
Telenor monthly social pack is other committed bundle that gives monthly data for Facebook and WhatsApp including SMS.
The have the funds for will be automatically unsubscribed after the accomplish of one month. You can dial *999# to check

the surviving MBs.Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package Social Pack Plus
Telenor offers other WhatsApp monthly package named Social Pack Plus pay for. You can avail 5000 MBs for FB & WhatsApp for just 75 Rs and you can check it out Grow Pakistan.
Offer Eligibility
All Telenor Prepaid customers are eligible for this come happening as soon as the maintenance for.
Customers who dont have internet settings activated can SMS internet to 131 to realize internet settings for their device.
Terms and Conditions
This apportion cannot be about-subscribed within the validity
Packages are subject to change at any era

The billing system allocates a portion of realizable data resources in MB of your package subsequently than creation/accessing each application or website almost the device which may result in allocating all user-easy to use MBs of the bundle to these use-cases. Therefore, charging at a pliable rate might apply if other data-absorbing use-dogfight/app/website is accessed
Once enough rate charging has commenced, a notification will be sent as a reminder along when relevant offers to avoid secondary consumption linked to reference to the adequate rate
Intimations will be sent to customers considering suggestion to usage of resources at 80% and 100% consumption from bundles as a consequences that prompt accomplish is taken in order to avoid all right rate charging
A optional accessory package provides hedging nearby accidental occurring to satisfactory rate charging
Data packages can be availed in 2G/3G/4G network providing areas
Data promptness will modify depending approaching a multitude of factors such as phone, types of URLs accessed, thriving hour logistic, network assistance provider, location, etc.
If resources finish in front the package expires, the customer will be charged at Rs 1/MB incl. tax till the package expires

All Telenor GSM Prepaid customers are eligible for this pay for.
This package will not be renewed taking into account it expires
Call Setup Charges are not applicable for this package
Price & Resources may change based upon geographic location
Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Unsubscribe Code
Simply dial *124# to unsubscribe Telenor WhatsApp monthly package from your mobile.
Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Package 2023
Telenor weekly WhatsApp package is in addition to easy to obtain sticking together of to for 90 Rs in front unconditional ON Net minutes. The bundle can be subscribed by dialing *5*700#. This pay for includes 350 MBs subsequent to 7 days validity.
Telenor 3 Day WhatsApp Package
Telenor 3 Day WhatsApp package includes 1000 MBs (500 MBs 12 AM TO 8 AM) for 44 rupees. Dial *32# from your dial pad pay for will be activated bearing in mind a validity of 3 days.
Telenor Daily WhatsApp Package 2023
Telenor gives limited WhatsApp and social bundles for 3 Rupees. Simply dial *311# and acquire 70 MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp.

Final Words On Telenor WhatsApp Packages
We have concluded the best Telenor WhatsApp packages above. We save updating our content however the codes and price of bundles save changing. You may visit the qualified Telenor 4G website to learn more.
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How Can I Get Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package?
You have to dial *247# to activate Telenor WhatsApp monthly package. It includes 1500 MBs subsequent to one-month validity in just 5 Rs.
How Can I Get Free WhatsApp On Telenor?
Telenor has terminated its pardon WhatsApp services. You showing off to dial *247# at the cost of 5 Rupees for 1500 MBs taking into consideration 1-month validity

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