How To File A SONY Manufacturer Warranty Claim

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Sony Products are provided to you under a Manufacturer Warranty that sets out the rights and obligations of you and Sony. SONY will, during the Warranty Period, repair or replace your Product if it is defective due to faulty materials and workmanship, in accordance with the terms set out below.

Warranty Period

A warranty is a promise that a company will repair or replace your purchase when it breaks down due to manufacturing defects. This is why you would want to take advantage of the Sony Manufacturer Warranty if your Sony product is having issues. The warranty period varies by product. For example, some electronics are covered under a 90-day warranty, while other products may be protected for a year or more.

You can find the exact terms of your warranty by reading the manual that came with your Sony product. This is a good idea because it can help you determine what parts are included in your warranty. If you have a defective product, you can send it to an Authorized Sony Service Center and they will inspect it and fix the problem for you free of charge. However, you must have proof of purchase (such as a receipt or invoice) to receive warranty service. This is because unauthorized repairs can invalidate your warranty.


A few months ago, Sony released a new warranty policy that included two major changes. One was that it was no longer necessary to display a warranty sticker to benefit from the manufacturer’s best-in-class service. The other was a revised list of exclusions. While the manufacturer’s best-in-class coverage is still available, the aforementioned list of exclusions is now limited to physical damage (not cosmetic) that results from manufacturing defects, product misuse or carelessness, accidental and non-accidental alterations, improper cleaning and maintenance, and natural aging.

In addition to the new list of exclusions, Sony’s newest entrant to the SONY Manufacturer’s best-in-class warranty program is the smallest and best of its kind. This tiny package includes a replacement power cord, a new power supply and a new microfiber cleaning cloth, all contained in a sleek, modern case. This slick package is designed to fit snugly into a standard power outlet. With this new and improved packaging, you’ll enjoy a more efficient warranty experience that will save you time and money.


The Sony camera warranty is one of the most comprehensive coverage plans for cameras in the market. It covers mechanical and electrical failures, accidents, lens drops, spills and a variety of other issues that can happen to any camera, and it’s free of charge. Aside from this standard warranty, Sony also offers an extended protection plan called Protect Plus that starts from two to five years. This is an upgrade to the basic one-year limited warranty that comes with most of their products, and it’s designed to help cover the cost of repairs after the first year.

To submit a warranty claim, you need to send the defective product to a Sony retailer, postage pre-paid, with a copy of your purchase receipt and description of the problem encountered. If the defect is not covered by the warranty, you can obtain third-party cover through insurance firms like AKKO.


Sony offers a variety of support content online that can help you troubleshoot and repair your products. They provide free solutions for common problems, such as camera shutter error, software issues, lens errors, wet cameras, battery, and SD card errors. Sony also offers a variety of extended warranties that offer enhanced service coverage. These plans can include coverage for water damage, surge protection, accidental drops, and more.

The standard SONY Manufacturer Warranty covers defective parts, as well as repairs for product failure caused by normal wear and tear or abuse. However, this warranty does not cover the cost of repairs if the device is damaged due to theft or if the unit has been repaired by a non-authorised dealer.

Some Sony products (such as the PS5) also come with an extended warranty. This warranty provides additional service coverage, which can extend the standard manufacturer’s warranty by 90 days to one year. This is a great option if you’re worried about your new Sony product’s longevity or if you want to take advantage of added protection for your electronics.


A warranty is a legal obligation to pay for repairs or replacements if a product goes wrong. Sony offers a variety of warranties on their products, including TVs and cameras. The process of submitting a warranty claim can be overwhelming. But don’t let that stop you from getting the protection you deserve.

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